Charles F. Benson

Charles F. Benson

Broker, Owner

Office: (410) 763-8420


About Charles F. Benson

Born in New York in 1937, Chuck spent the early days of his childhood hunting and fishing with his father in the hills and on the limestone streams of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The family moved to Oxford, Maryland in 1950 where the abundant waterfowl and fish together with sailing added a further dimension to his interests in the outdoors.

Educated at the Country School in Easton and then on to the Salisbury School in Salisbury, Connecticut, proved to be a stepping stone to the University of Pennsylvania and then on to the United States Marine Corps.

Club activities include the New York Yacht Club, Storm Trysail Club, Chesapeake Bay Yacht Club, Tred Avon Yacht Club and the Talbot Country Club.

He began working in 1960 as a salesman for H. P. Galligher, a local real estate company and became a broker and partner of that company in 1962.

As the company grew his interests in land preservation and thoughtful development coincided with many conservation groups. These groups have included the Chesapeake Ornithological Society, Chesapeake Audubon, the Pickering Creek Foundation, the Agricultural Society for the Eastern Shore and a lifetime membership in Ducks Unlimited.

His land use philosophy is basically that we are all here together and with technology and proper land use planning, there need not be total restraint of human activity in rural areas.

He has been responsible for the re-forestation of hundreds of acres of land, and the creation of sediment control ponds in the watershed and conservation easements on thousands of acres of waterfront and inland farms.

He and his wife Caroline together with their two sons live and work on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.