It’s tough enough to sell a home during chilly winter months. Having snow on the ground doesn’t make it easier. Buyers are less likely to ride around looking at homes, and they’re less likely to make appointments to visit homes on the market.

But selling your home in the winter isn’t impossible. In fact, sometimes the bitter cold can lead to a higher selling price because there are fewer homes on the market. Here are six tips for selling from December to March:

  1. Shovel snow on your driveway and sidewalk. You don’t want a potential buyer to slip and fall walking up to your home. Every time it snows, shovel, and be conscious of any ice that could form in the few days after the storm. Make sure the path to the lockbox, if you use one, is clear as well.
  2. Make your home seem cozy. Nothing is more comforting in cold weather than walking into a warm home. Keep it comfortable inside, and try baking cookies or brewing apple cider to make them feel at home as soon as they step inside.
  3. Mind the light. Winter days can be dark and dreary. Just as your home should be warm and cozy while a cold wind blows outside, so should your home be light and bright on a cloudy day. Remember that the sun sets earlier in the winter, so have outdoor lights turn on at or before sunset.
  4. Use a touch of green. Potted evergreen plants by the front door are another way to cheer up buyers as they enter your home.
  5. Take pictures on a nice day. Even though you may be eager to get photos of your home on the internet, it’s always better to wait for a nice day. Using pictures with snow on the ground will tell buyers that your home has been on the market since January if it’s still on the market when June rolls around.
  6. Touch up doors and shutters. Curb appeal matters, even in winter. A little paint goes a long way toward making your home look well maintained.

If you have any questions about selling your home in winter, talk to one of our Realtors today!