Talbot County

Talbot County

Talbot County, Maryland

Talbot County is the place to be on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. 259 square miles of beautiful land adjoin five rivers and pristine shore line. The area strikes a perfect balance of nature and urban development, offering fine restaurants, shopping, concerts with boating, fishing and other outdoor activities. Gorgeous 18th- and 19th-Century estates are highlights of the real estate market here, but there are plenty of new developments and historic homes.

Easton, Maryland

The town of Easton is the county seat. It is the most populated of the towns in Talbot County and is has been the most developed. Easton is the home of many young families and a place to retire for those looking for a place with downtown amenities. There are three great golf courses in the area: The Easton Club, Hog Neck, and the private Talbot County Club. Easton is host to an incredible YMCA and most of the county’s public schools.

The Easton Memorial Hospital has played a large part in the development in the area, making Easton a large medical community. An attractive downtown offers wonderful boutique shopping and the convenience of chains like Target, Wal-Mart, Peebles and J.C. Penny.

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Oxford, Maryland

Oxford is a beautiful, quiet small town. There are a few restaurants, a small grocery store and an ice cream shop that will forever change your relationship with the cool dessert. Apart from these few businesses, Oxford is built for privacy. The charming, tree-lined village has a population of less than 1,000. It is the oldest town in the county, making it the best place to find a historic home.

Still, in the small town setting, there are plenty of things to do. There are a few shipyards for people who love boating, quality restaurants for the discriminating palate, and a gorgeous waterside park perfect for picnics and sunny afternoons. Don’t forget to try the fabulous ice cream at the Scottish Highland Creamery!

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St. Michaels, Maryland

Though St. Michaels is another waterfront village, it offers a very different lifestyle than that of Oxford. St. Michaels is a tourist destination; it’s “the town that fooled the British.” The town is bustling even on weekdays during the spring, summer and fall. There’s plenty of great shopping and tons of restaurants. A few popular destinations are the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum (pictured here), the Crab Claw Restaurant and The Inn at Perry Cabin.

Real estate in the area consists mostly of historic houses in town and waterfront estates just outside of St. Michaels proper.

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Tilghman Island, Maryland

Tilghman Island is best described as an “old fashioned waterman’s community.” It is located on the westernmost tip of the county, and it is a popular place to live for those involved in the seafood business. It’s also a popular destination for those interested in fishing trips and other water adventures. Many people choose to buy a second home in Tilghman because of the privacy and fantastic Chesapeake Bay views found on the island.